Precision jig / parts(精密治具・部品)

What is Diffusion Bonding? Precision jig / parts  High cycle mold 

Examples where diffusion bonding was used: jigs with complicated structures, hollow heat sinks, metal filtration filters

Jig with ultra-precise and complicated structure

Advantages of using diffusion bonding  technology

Diffusion joining, which uses the diffusion of atoms on the joint surface, does not melt the base metal, so it minimizes deformation, distortion, and warping and does not leave welding marks.

In addition, by laminating and joining materials that have been processed at the micron level, it is possible to produce hollow parts and filters with extremely small holes, which are difficult to machine.

Inkjet nozzle

Advantages of using diffusion bonding (thermocompression bonding) technology

Strong, high-performance nozzles can be made by making ultra-fine and extremely accurate holes in parts made from materials such as SUS steel.
By using metal, it is possible to make highly durable products with less deterioration than conventional plastic materials.

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